NOLA Ward Krewes

NOLA Ward Krewes

Krewe of Jareth

aka the “Goblin Krewe,” along the lakeshore in western Orktown, allied with Kozlowki Mafia Family

Krewe of Thrall

All-orc krewe in Orctown, based off the “noble tribal ork” image from the well-known BlizzardVerse fantasy scenarios.

Krewe of Pan

vice specialists, based out of Bywater

Krewe of the Spade

art-thieves and vigilantes, who specialize in burglary and poetic justice; no known turf

The Voodoo Posse

the Krewe that claims the French Quarter as turf, gave their name to all magically-active Krewes.

Krewe of Gunpowder

Voodoo posse dedicated to Ogun loa (gunpowder), based out of Little Venice East

Krewe of Cuchulainn

Irish Channel Krewe

Krewe of the Wyrm

Gentilly krewe, just south of Little Venice West, who claim to be Falthur’s own krewe (though he has disclaimed any association with them). Led by a dragon-totemed Hermetic street mage, with ties to the Cult of the Dragon.

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NOLA Ward Krewes

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