Mixed Magical Groups

Mixed Magical Groups

As many as a quarter of the magical groups in New Orleans are mixed-tradition groups. These magical groups are often dedicated to a specific purpose, something that unites the magicians other than the practice of an individual tradition of magic, such as corporate sponsorship, service to an organization or some civic goal.

The House of Twenty Petals

A notorious Yakuza group, consisting of Hermetic, Ainu Shamanic, Buddhist and Shinto magicians as well as physical adepts

Project: Rivermouth

A Shiawase group, made up of Hermetic, Shamanic, Chaos Magic and Shinto magicians.

The King’s Men

A magical jazz group, with Shamanic, Chaos Magic, Traditional Witchcraft and Voodoo membership.

The Mississippi Fellowship

A group dedicated to the preservation of the Mississippi, including Shamanic, Druidic, Norse, Shinto, Traditional Witchcraft, Voodoo and Wiccan magicians.

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Mixed Magical Groups

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